Mortgage Application Financing


Mortgage Financing in Kenya:
The process of applying for a bank mortgage is costly. Before the application goes through, an applicant is required to have invested in documentation that typically comes form several professionals all of whom are paid by the applicant.

Over and above the professionals, the applicant is also required to contribute a part of the cost of construction since most banks do not finance 100% of the contract sum. This is where we come in.

Professional Costs

In most cases, input from these professionals is required for a successful application:

  1. Architect
  2. Structural Engineer
  3. Quantity Surveyor
  4. Valuer
  5. Lawyer

Other Costs

Mortgage financing in Kenya is costly. Some of the other costs are:

  1. Land rates
  2. Architectural approval fee
  3. Structural approval fee
  4. Negotiation fee payeable to the bank
  5. Developer’s contribution (a percentage of the loan amount)

How We Can Help

At TETTO, we understand that while one may qualify for a construction loan/mortgage from a bank, the costs one has to have incur to successfully apply sometimes become prohibitive. That is where we come in. We assist by fully financing this stage of the application by:

  • We finance the professional process by paying all the professionals involved,


  • In a situation where we are designated to also construct, we put down the amount that the bank would consider sufficient as the developer’s contribution.

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