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TETTO HOMES is a full-service housing company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Tetto seeks to be a solution to the current state of  home-building process in Kenya which is chaotic, expensive and stressful.


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Design Build and Financing

on the drawing board

These are some of the house projects that are currently have at the design stage.

three bedroom bungalow
Kagumo, Kirinyaga

Kagumo, Kirinyaga

A three bedroom bungalow we are working on. It has a deck and barbecue area facing a picturesque valley towards the rear.
Juja Beautiful Homes Kenya
Juja, Kiambu

Juja, Kiambu

Design with the slope: four levels (lower ground floor, ground floor, first floor and attic). This makes it easier to adapt to the slope.
Thika Greens Mansion Design
Thika Greens, Murang’a

Thika Greens, Murang’a

Thika Greens Mansion! A mansion designed within the restrictions defined by the management.

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Design Build and Financing: the process of building your home should be a beautiful story. We write it with you.

completed/ ongoing projects

Home design, build and financing: here are selected projects designed and built to completion or are in currently in the construction phase. We boast a healthy track record.

Design Build and Financing: We design the home, finance it and construct it. You therefore only need to come with a dream and we will do the rest for you.

Our Process

1. To start it all, you share with us the details of your dream house.

2. You may view the many projects uploaded on this website for inspiration.

3. The brief builder is another method to quickly communicate your ideas to us.

1. Tetto Homes then develops the concept over a period of several weeks during which we make numerous presentations.
2. During this time, alterations are made to costing to match design.
3. concurrently, we develop structural drawings in preparation for council approvals.

1. After that, submission of the necessary drawings to the relevant local authority for approval is done.

2. Oversight the approval process on your behalf.

3. We work with the minimum time
possible for any authority.

1. The financing team thereafter structures a financing plan
favourable to your situation .

2. Our financing model is flexible
and we conduct a thorough appraisal to guide us on the kind
of financing plan that will work best for you.

1. As the last phase, we construct the project according to the design.

2. A typical 3 bedroom bungalow takes an average of 3 months to complete while a typical 4 bed two
storey house takes about 5 months to completion.

Ways To Work With Us

Design Build and Financing: We can help you build your dream home using any of these flexible arrangements.

House Plans Design
Design Only

You can commission us to only design your house. We push the project to council approvals then you contract another party to build and finance the construction. In this arrangement, we also supervise site works.

Home Construction Kenya
Build Only

This is for clients who have obtained a house design from another source and would only like to contract us to only build the house. The construction service only what is provided.

Home Design And Build Kenya
Design & Build

Here, we take full control of both the design as and construction processes. Quality is guaranteed  since its controlled in one place and huge savings are possible in this arrangement.

House Design And Construction Kenya

Design, build and financing:In this arrangement, we do design, construction and also financing. Repayments are done in accordance to terms defined in a pre-negotiated contract.

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