about tetto

TETTO HOMES is a full-service housing solution situated in Nairobi, Kenya.

The company was formed by four construction professionals who pooled their skills and resources to develop a better manner of providing dwellings in Kenya.

After finding a shared passion for doing home construction in a novel way, Tetto Homes Kenya was born.

We serve our clients through our in Nairobi and our fabrication yards in key locations in the region. The Nairobi office serves as our centre of operations. We however have stations in Ngong, Juja, and Mlolongo. While these are sufficient, we intend to expand into more towns in the future.

In line with this, Tetto Homes has invested in research to deliver a new cost-effective method of construction to the market.

About Us- Tetto Homes

our commitment

These are our commitments at Tetto Homes:

1. To the client:
We strive to understand our clients dream well. This is well helped by our experience which we use to create a pleasing living experiences.

2. To the Environment:
In an attempt to build homes that are functional, we make maximum use of natural lighting and ventilation. Waste from our construction sites is disposed of in accordance with NEMA regulations.

3. To society:
We benefits people from the area within which we are building. As a policy therefore, we employ people from the locality in which our projects are. This way, we provide lively hood to hundreds of employees. In addition, we do participate in numerous humanitarian endeavours.

About Us- Tetto Homes

why choose tetto

1. Experience
We have been building for a long time. Our first house was in 2006.

2. Specialization
Tetto Homes specialize in residential projects only. This way, our focus is small and manageable. We only do what we are good at.

3. Transparency
We never make a single move without your involvement. We allow share all information with you during construction.

4. We offer it all
Everything you would need to make your dream home come true. We design your dream and finance to build it.

5. We provide insurance
As a testament to our quality, all our projects come with free home insurance.

About Us- Tetto Homes

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