design services

Tetto Homes services have a backbone of design of houses.

We understand how personal residential spaces. For that reason, we take time and walk with our clients right from the concept to the approval of the drawings. This ensures that each stage of the process works towards ensuring that the eventual structure will be above satisfactory.

In this department, we have:

1. Design department
2. Structural department
3. Costing department

Our Services- Tetto Homes

build services

Tetto Homes services includes construction of houses; either directly or using a sub-contracted partners. In this phase, the building process starts with the interpretation of the documents from the design department. This then is followed by the actual construction the house on the physical site.

The construction is done as guided by a pre-negotiated contract(s) signed between us and the client. Methods of engagement can be in any of the following three ways:

1. Full contract,
2. Labour contract or
3. Construction management contract.

Our Services- Tetto Homes

project finance

Tetto Homes finances clients who are not able to raise the entire amount needed for construction. The client then repays the money in accordance to pre agreed terms.

We finance up to 100% of the projected construction cost. The percentage financed depends on the appraisal that we conduct for any applicant desirous of being financed. In short, if you are eligible, you can own a home in a matter of months without using any of your own funds.

Learn more about financing from here.
Our Services- Tetto Homes

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