Project Finance

Project finance (mortgages and loans) is a service we provide in order to provide a comprehensive approach to house ownership. The process of building a home is divided into several stages, each of which requires a significant sum of money to accomplish properly. See below for information on how we can fund the process whole or partially.

What We Can Finance

1. We canĀ  finance construction of any residential plan from any source with a construction cost of less than Ksh 10m.
2. We can also also fund any house design that you may request using our design request

Basic Conditions

To qualify for project finance:

1. You must be owning land on which to build. If not, please use our plot request to engage us to seek a fitting parcel for you.
2. The title deed/lease for your land MUST be free of any encumbrances.
3. You must have a reliable source of income.
4. Your project must be below Ksh. 10 million as that is our current limit for project finance.

Project Finance Request

Let's design yours now.

Fill this form to request a call back to discuss your project.

Alternatively, go to design request and tell us what kind of a house you desire. You can also go to the contacts page and use any methods provided to get in touch.

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